May. 2nd, 2017

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I hope that everyone had a blessed Beltane and a happy May Day!

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the whole media narrative around the police murder of Jordan Edwards is disgusting and not even subtly white supremacist. talk about his GPA and the fact that his father "was present" and that things like this mean "this shouldn't have happened" as if there's an acceptable demographic where a police officer is allowed to execute someone on the street, whether armed or unarmed, and then lie about it again. the fact that the media had to go and put his character on trial and validate that he was a "good one" first is absolutely appalling. the fact that pig cop apologists are already making excuses in the media and everywhere is not surprising but further disgusting. and of course white authorities are appealing for calm after we just genocided another youth of color. and this is a "we" thing because this is white supremacy and this is something we tolerate and something we are complicit with. witness yourself amerikkka. white people, each of us is that cop, killing that young man with a rifle. we're each Rose Armitage, standing on the porch in our riding outfit with the hunting rifle while the house burns. each of us is complicit in the absolutely stupefying crimes of this nation and our prison industrial complex that has disappeared millions of black men and women, and allowed the media to manufacture our innocence as though it was a problem with black families and black people. again this is happening. what are you doing about it? confront your racist friends and family. abolish this fucking state that enables and facilitates black and brown genocide and ethnocide. blessings to the rioters and the rebes, may this country burn all the way to the ground. vengeance for Jordan Edwards! Rise in Power. You were loved and valued.


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