Apr. 11th, 2017 11:50 pm
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I was thinking of doing some sort of "what i've been doing since 2009" post, but for tonight, I'm just going to write about school.

I've basically got 3 semesters left until I get my degree. If I could have taken summer classes, I might only have needed 2 more semesters. I'm a little frustrated for two reasons:

1) I am getting tired of school, mostly because I miss regular paychecks and health insurance. I wanted to graduate Spring 2018 so I could get a full time job again (ideally making use of my BA in Anthropology), but I guess it's going to have to wait until Winter 2018. Frustrating, but I'll get over it I guess.

2) I'm 36 years old. I've had a credit card for like 5 years, with pretty good payment history. I never extended my credit limit past $750. Because I waited until I was 30 to start building credit, and because I have only one open line, nobody is willing to give me private loans without a cosigner. Like...I'm 36. I'm not asking my fucking parents or my partner or my partner's parents to cosign a loan for me. It's frustrating. I only got the tiniest bit of credit because I had problems renting when I lived in San Francisco. Nobody wanted to rent to me because I was basically a ghost in the system. Now I can't get student loans because I have a very modest amount of debt and credit limit, primarily as an act of financial self preservation because I have an impulse disorder and no health insurance or money for mental health care, LOL. Yay Amerikkka. Anyway, I was going to use the private loan of $2000 to pay for tuition for my summer classes and 2 months rent, but that's not happening now.

Anyway, I am excited about my classes for this fall:

North American Archaeology
History of Anthropological Theory
Human Variation

I just added Human Variation about an hour ago because the 'Themes in Folkloristics' class isn't actually going to be offered this fall. I'm appealing to the University now to get my math credits from Santa Rosa Junior College transferred over. I'm not a math person and the idea of taking algebra again is really upsetting. I am ready but not excited for statistics, especially because it's relevant to my future career.

My goal is to get my BA in Anthropology and minor in Folklore. I was going to go for my MA in Applied Anthropology, focusing on Ethnography, but the Missouri Governor torpedoed higher education funding and so MSU isn't accepting Applied Anthropology students for the foreseeable future. It's looking increasingly likely I'm either going to have to get my MA online, or overseas. I'm really looking into Germany, Iceland and Scandinavia, since they have a lot of offerings for international students. Anyway, we'll see. It's frustrating and we live in a collapsing empire, so all of this could get scattered to the winds at any moment.


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