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I can see a timeline in the near future where Trump and who knows how many others are impeached or removed/resigned from office. Sure. What I am already not feeling are the inevitable thinkpieces about how strong our democracy is and the "power" and "exceptionalism" of american institutions that allowed us to survive something like this. I'm not fucking here for that bankrupt, faux folksy nationalist diaper smear crap. This shit was so weak that some ridiculous charlatan business turd was able to sleaze his way into office through our shithole obsolete electoral system, do critical damage to basically everything in less than 3 months, and the self styled "opposition" party either cozied up to burgeoning fascist power thinking they could work with it, or set up an insipidly hollow, saccharine, "resistance" which was not intersectional or meaningful in any way. I can already almost see and hear this shit happening and I can probably name like 50 people who are going to write them thinking the are gonna get the pulitzer and nobel for being original and amazing. nope.

there's nothing exceptional about America. we're like, the biggest threat to world peace, we're a shithole. I'd leave if I could but kkkapitalism prevents me right now. I hope a comet hits us.

Date: 2017-06-27 07:24 am (UTC)
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still waiting for the comet.


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